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Jesus at the Center

“Jesus at the center of it all” is our theme for 2015. As Christians living in a modern world, where everything is available at any instance, it becomes easy for us to let worldly possessions become the center of our lives. We need to remind ourselves that God is in control of everything, and He needs to be the center of our lives.

A word from our Pastor…

Thank you for visiting our website. I personally look forward to seeing you soon in one of our church services. You will find Eastland Baptist Church to be a Christ-centered, friendly church with a purpose of meeting you and your family’s spiritual needs. Please click on any of our other pages to find out more about us. If you have any questions in regards to our church or website, please feel free to contact me.

- Senior Pastor Daniel Green

About Us

Eastland Baptist Church is a simple, biblical, God-centered ministry designed to promote, encourage and facilitate spiritual growth in each and every believer.
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What we Do

Here at Eastland Baptist Church we offer many activities and ministries for all ages. We ensure that we have something for everyone.

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